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RMWBH Lawyers Secure POAs’ Right to Modify Documents

RMWBH Lawyers Ensure Property Owners Associations' Right to Modify Governing Documents

At RMWBH, we are excited to share a significant win for property owners associations (POAs) across Texas. On January 26, 2024, the Supreme Court of Texas delivered a crucial ruling concerning POAs’ ability to amend governing documents, reinforcing their independence and authority.


Upholding POAs’ Rights: The Verdict from the Supreme Court


Property owners associations play a vital role in upholding community standards and regulations. However, disputes often arise over the interpretation and modification of governing documents, leading to legal battles that affect the entire community. The case of Chu v. Windermere Lakes Homeowners’ Association, Inc. brought to light the contentious issue of amending governing documents.


Legal Battle

RMWBH attorneys Greg Godkin and Ashley Koirtyohann led the charge in advocating for POAs’ rights. Despite facing opposition, our legal team pursued the case with determination, presenting compelling arguments to the Supreme Court of Texas.

Supreme Court Verdict

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court of Texas denied the Petition for Review, upholding the lower court’s ruling in favor of POAs. This ruling establishes a precedent that reinforces the authority of property owners associations to amend governing documents in the best interest of their communities.

Ramifications for Property Owners Associations

Empowering POAs

This ruling empowers property owners associations to adjust their governing documents to meet evolving circumstances and community needs. It reaffirms their status as self-governing entities capable of making decisions that benefit property owners collectively.

Legal Clarity

The Supreme Court’s decision brings much-needed clarity to the interpretation of governing documents within property owners associations. It establishes a clear standard for resolving disputes and ensures consistency in legal proceedings related to POAs.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Why is the Supreme Court’s decision significant?


The Supreme Court’s decision reaffirms the autonomy of property owners associations in amending governing documents, enabling them to effectively manage their communities.


Q2: How does this ruling affect property owners?


Property owners benefit from the assurance provided by the Supreme Court’s decision, knowing that their rights within the community are protected and respected.


Q3: What role did RMWBH attorneys play in this case?


RMWBH attorneys, including Greg Godkin and Ashley Koirtyohann, played a pivotal role in advocating for property owners associations’ rights and securing a favorable outcome in the legal proceedings.

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