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The Most Amusing and Unconventional HOA Rules by KRJ Cares

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At KRJ Management, we firmly believe that homeowner associations (HOAs) play a pivotal role in creating attractive and well-maintained communities. However, in our experience, we’ve come across some of the most amusing and unconventional HOA rules that have left us chuckling and scratching our heads. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most entertaining and peculiar regulations observed in various neighborhoods, highlighting the importance of a well-balanced approach when it comes to HOA governance.

The Garage Sale Dress Code

In one of the neighborhoods we’ve visited, the HOA holds two annual garage sales for homeowners – one in April and the other in September. While garage sales are common, this particular HOA has a rather unusual dress code requirement for participants: all sellers must don “polos and khakis” during the event. It seems they take the saying “dress to impress” to a whole new level!

Architectural Approval for Potted Plants

Another fascinating rule we’ve encountered involves “architectural approval” for seemingly innocent potted plants. A homeowner recieved a letter asking to seek approval from the HOA for having two small potted plants at their front door. While we understand the importance of maintaining aesthetics, this rule left us wondering if the plants had plans to remodel the front entrance!

The No Towel Sharing Policy

At one particular neighborhood’s pool, it seems that towel sharing is a serious offense. According to a resident, the HOA prohibits anyone from sharing their towels at the pool. Not only is this an interesting concept, but it also carries a penalty of a $25 fine for anyone caught without their own towel. We wonder if there’s a towel black market in operation!

Midnight Trash Run

For residents in another community, the trash day routine has some peculiar twists. The trash truck arrives every Thursday, but homeowners remain strictly forbidden from placing their trash on the curb on Wednesday night. Instead, they must either wake up early or wait until after midnight on Thursday to avoid a $25 fine. It seems this HOA takes the saying “the early bird catches the worm” quite seriously!

Overnight Guest Fee and Time Limit

Hospitality takes an interesting turn in certain neighborhoods. In one case, the HOA demands a $10 fee for every overnight guest and an additional $5 if the guest uses a parking spot. On the other hand, a different community allows guests to stay for a maximum of two nights, except during the holiday season when the limit extends to three consecutive nights. It appears that welcoming guests comes at a price!

The Colorful Trampoline Rule

Among the most colorful HOA rules we’ve encountered is one that prohibits the use of blue trampoline covers. In this neighborhood, trampolines must have covers that are either green or black. While many find this rule baffling, a resident suggested it might prevent ducks from mistaking the trampoline for a body of water. Innovation knows no bounds!

The Art of Doorbell Frames

It’s not just the interior of the house that matters; even the doorbell frames are under scrutiny in some HOAs. We’ve seen a community where the shape, style, and material of doorbell frames are of utmost concern. “Novelty” frames are strictly forbidden, as are doorbell frames with American flag patterns or sports team logos. Even the use of brass material is not allowed. Square shapes remain a no-no unless they’re rotated to a diamond orientation. It seems the doorbell frames must be in harmony with the constellations!

The Timed Garage Door

For car enthusiasts living under certain HOAs, the love for their automobiles can be cut short. One resident shared that their garage door can only remain open for five minutes or less. Any longer, and they risk violating an HOA rule. While quick in-and-out trips may be the norm for this neighborhood, it’s not ideal for car enthusiasts on a hot summer day!

The Perfect Mulch Shade

When it comes to landscaping, every detail matters, including the color of the mulch. In one peculiar case, a homeowner received a fine twice for using mulch that did not meet the HOA’s standards of the proper shade of red. It seems the HOA has a keen eye for horticultural aesthetics!

The Pet Weight Limit

In another quirky instance, a neighborhood’s pet restriction stated: “no more than 15 pounds of pet.” If you’re a pet owner, this means your furry friend needs to watch their weight to stay within the HOA’s guidelines. Keto diets for cats, anyone?


While these examples of amusing HOA rules bring a smile to our faces, it’s essential to remember that the majority of HOAs focus on maintaining attractive and well-kept communities. At KRJ Management, we believe that a balanced and reasonable approach to HOA governance is crucial to ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of residents. A well-maintained community adds value to your home and protects your investment. Let KRJ Management assist your HOA today!

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