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Top 15 Best Restaurants To Bring Your Dog To in Houston

Dog Friendly Restaurants Houston

We’ve rounded up the best pet-friendly restaurants and dog-friendly bars around Houston below, including:

  1. Barnaby’s Cafe
  2. Good Dog Houston
  3. Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Beer Garden and Restaurant
  4. Eight Row Flint
  5. Little Matt’s
  6. Backstreet Cafe
  7. The Burger Joint
  8. West Alabama Ice House
  9. The Pit Room
  10. Onion Creek Cafe
  11. Little Woodrow’s
  12. FM Kitchen and Bar
  13. Axelrad
  14. Henderson Heights
  15. Buffalo Grille

Let’s get started!

Barnaby’s Cafe: A Haven for You and Your Furry Friend

Named after the founder’s beloved sheepdog, Barnaby’s Cafe offers a delightful experience for both humans and their pets. With several locations across Houston, including in the Heights, Museum District, and downtown, Barnaby’s is renowned for its pet-friendly outdoor seating and dedicated puppy menu. From ground beef or sliced chicken over brown rice to doggie ice cream, your furry companion will be treated like royalty while you indulge in hearty dishes like the “green egg” scramble plate or the Chinese chicken salad.

Good Dog Houston: From Food Truck to Furry Friend Haven

Starting as a food truck and blossoming into a beloved brick-and-mortar establishment in the Heights, Good Dog Houston is a hotspot for delicious hot dogs and local craft beers. Their dog-friendly patio provides the perfect setting for you and your canine companion to enjoy signature hot dog combinations amidst a vibrant atmosphere.

Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Beer Garden: Where Craft Beer Meets Canine Companionship

For craft beer enthusiasts seeking a pet-friendly hangout spot, Saint Arnold Brewing Co. Beer Garden is a top choice. Situated in Houston, this brewery boasts a spacious outdoor seating area where you can relish a wide selection of craft beers, ciders, and wines alongside delectable burgers and sandwiches. Don’t forget to bring your furry friend along to partake in the fun!

Eight Row Flint: A Blend of Tacos, Cocktails, and Canines

Conveniently located near the Heights hike and bike trail, Eight Row Flint offers a unique blend of tantalizing tacos, inventive cocktails, and a welcoming environment for both two-legged and four-legged patrons. With its dog-friendly outdoor patio, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a leisurely stroll with your furry companion.

Little Matt’s: Where Families and Pets Unite

Nestled in West University Place, Little Matt’s caters to both kids and pets with its family-friendly ambiance and pet-welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re craving salads, burgers, or indulging in sweet treats from the candy shop, Little Matt’s promises a delightful experience for the whole family, including your furry friends.

Backstreet Cafe: Southern Charm Meets Canine Comfort

Renowned for its delectable southern cuisine, Backstreet Cafe offers more than just exquisite dishes—it’s also a dog-friendly haven in the trendy River Oaks neighborhood. Indulge in smoked duck gumbo or bacon-wrapped quail while your pet lounges on the outdoor patio, soaking in the charming ambiance.

The Burger Joint: Burgers, Beers, and Bowls for Your Pooch

Located in Montrose, The Burger Joint beckons burger enthusiasts and their canine companions to its dog-friendly wrap-around patio. With a diverse selection of burgers and craft beers, coupled with amenities like a dog water station and organic dog treats, it’s a paradise for burger-loving pet owners.

West Alabama Ice House: A Neighborhood Staple for Two- and Four-Legged Visitors

As an outdoor establishment in Upper Kirby, West Alabama Ice House has been a favorite haunt among locals for years. Offering an array of beverages and delectable bites, along with amenities like water buckets for dogs and entertainment options like sports TVs and games, it’s the perfect spot for a laid-back outing with your furry friend.

The Pit Room: Barbecue Bliss for You and Your Pup

For barbecue aficionados, The Pit Room in Montrose is a must-visit destination. Indulge in mouthwatering barbecue delicacies while your pet lounges nearby on the dog-friendly patio. From beef ribs to brisket tacos, there’s something to satisfy every craving at this beloved Houston eatery.

Onion Creek Cafe: Frozen Cocktails and Furry Friends in the Heights

Situated in the Heights, Onion Creek Cafe beckons patrons with its enticing frozen cocktails and relaxed ambiance. Unwind on the patio with a refreshing drink and savory burger, all while enjoying quality time with your pup by your side.

Little Woodrow’s: Where Brews and Barks Collide

Little Woodrow’s Midtown location boasts a spacious patio, perfect for enjoying evening brews with your furry companion. With rotating food trucks and weekly steak nights, it’s an ideal spot for socializing and savoring delicious bites while your pet revels in the outdoor ambiance.

FM Kitchen and Bar: Brunch Bliss for Both You and Your Pup

A beloved brunch and lunch spot in Montrose, FM Kitchen and Bar welcomes patrons with its inviting outdoor tables, where you can enjoy signature favorites like chicken fried steak and brunch flautas. Bring your pup along for the experience and relish quality time together in the heart of Houston.

Axelrad: A Beer Garden Haven for Pet-Loving Patrons

Located between Midtown and the Museum District, Axelrad offers a diverse selection of beverages in its expansive beer garden. Partnered with Luigi’s next door, where you can order pizza to accompany your drinks, it’s the perfect setting for a casual hangout with your furry friend.

Henderson Heights: Sports, Spirits, and Canine Companionship

Henderson Heights caters to sports enthusiasts seeking a pet-friendly environment to enjoy their favorite games. With an expansive patio offering a variety of beers on draft and delectable bar food, it’s an ideal destination for both human and canine patrons alike.

Buffalo Grille: A Breakfast Haven for Late Risers and Their Pets

With locations in West University and Tanglewood, Buffalo Grille is a breakfast paradise for late risers, offering breakfast delights all day long. Indulge in plate-sized pancakes and cinnamon pecan coffee while your pooch lounges on the expansive patio, soaking in the lively atmosphere.


1. Are These Restaurants Suitable for All Dog Breeds?

Yes, these pet-friendly restaurants welcome dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. However, it’s essential to ensure that your furry friend is well-behaved and comfortable in social settings.

2. Are Reservations Required for Patio Seating With Pets?

While reservations are not typically required for patio seating with pets, it’s advisable to call ahead, especially during peak hours, to inquire about availability and any specific pet policies.

3. Can I Bring Other Pets Besides Dogs?

While most of these establishments are dog-friendly, policies regarding other pets may vary. It’s best to check with the restaurant beforehand if you plan to bring a pet other than a dog.

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